Produce Storage

Finding it challenging to keep produce fresh and available?  You may find this website helpful as it offers useful food storage tips.  For example, on your next grocery shopping  trip, buy fruits and veggies with both a short and long shelf life, such as: ⁣ •...

Social Distancing Easter Weekend

#StayingAtHome this Easter weekend and not spending it with family and friends will be hard but it’s the best thing we can do to help keep our community safe!  Practice #PhysicalDistancing and if you need to go out for essentials, keeping 2m or 6ft between...

Safe Grocery Shopping

Check out this helpful guide produced by the Primary Care Dietitians Association to help keep you safe and healthy while grocery shopping.  Click here for a printable version.
WEATHER ADVISORY: Please be advised that the Barrie and Community Family Health Team office and clinics at 370 Bayview Drive are closed on Monday, January 17, 2022 due to weather and road conditions.