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Family Medicine Teaching Unit (FMTU)

On May 2nd the University of Toronto signed an agreement with the first hospital outside the GTA/Mississauga area to teach Family Medicine Residents. The Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie will take four residents starting in July2009, with an expected growth to eighteen residents within four years. The FMTU is a partnership between the University of Toronto, Royal Victoria Hospital and The Barrie & Community Family Health Team.

First and second year medical resident physicians, specializing in family medicine, will receive their final medical training in a hospital and community environment. In addition to this training, each resident will manage their own practice of patients, under the supervision of experienced Barrie Family Physicians in the Family Medicine Teaching Unit clinic. Giving residents the option to train in environments that they may choose to practice in someday is beneficial for them, and will help bring more physicians to an area that has a shortage. Residents will have their own family practices and will each have a roster of 300 patients during their two year program.

As the newest teaching hospital of the University of Toronto, the Royal Victoria is building a state-of-the-art family medicine teaching unit which will be attached to the main hospital through a tunnel. This 10,000 foot unit will include a resident’s lounge, computer room and lecture room.

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