Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

This is a 1.5 hr, 9-week virtual group led by a Mental Health Therapist with the primary focus being on Distress Tolerance and Emotion Regulation skills. Individuals will learn about the skills of being dialectical, how to regulate emotions and create greater balanced thinking patterns.

What will I learn during this Information Session?

In this group, you will learn to manage distressing situations more effectively through grounding techniques, radical acceptance and increased awareness of unhelpful behavioural patterns. Participants will also learn how to identify, validate and regulate emotions. Gaining more of a balance between Emotion Mind and Rational Mind, working towards the goal of Wise Mind.

Who can attend?

Any patient belonging to the Barrie and Community Family Health Team that has been referred by a Registered Dietitian is welcome to attend along with a spouse, partner or support worker.

Patients must be able to attend all 9 sessions in order to register.

How do I register?

Call 705-726-4225 Ext. 2611 or 2612 for more information.

Additional Information

This class is held at Holly Recreation Center. Please check in at the front desk to find out what room the class will be located in. All of our classes are offered free of charge.