Our Vision

Your Health, Our Community, One System: Leading the Way in Health Care

Our Mission

  • Develop a fully integrated Health Circle for health care delivery
  • Create timely access to quality health care for all
  • Maintain a securely stored and fully accessible health record
  • Enhance patient care through community partnerships

Strategic Direction

Improve Timely Appropriate Access

  1. Advocate for improved access to seniors’ and mental health services

  2. Improve access to specialist care

  3. Advance use of EMR in clinics

  4. Optimize use of staff in clinics

  5. Modernize office workflow

  6. Support physicians in determining roster size

Continue to Improve Quality of Care

  1. Improve data quality in EMR

  2. Continue evaluation of FHT programs

  3. Implement patient experience survey across all FHT programs and family practices

Promote Primary Care Research

  1. Continue to support community-based research in family practices

  2. Continue to collaborate on community research projects

  3. Identify areas of interest for research

Integrate Care Delivery among all Health Care and Community Service Providers in our Region

  1. Integrate patient care with RVH

  2. Explore integrated patient care with specialists

  3. Improve communication with Health Care Connect

  4. Improve communication Home and Community Care

  5. Collaborate with LHIN and its health service providers to fully participate in sub-region planning

Encourage Patient Ownership of their Personal Health Care Plan

  1. Increase patient understanding of Health Circle

  2. Empower patients to take responsibility for their own health

  3. Educate patients about utilization of the health care system

Promote Physician Engagement and Wellbeing

  1. Ensure Vision and Mission of organizations are understood

  2. Ensure comprehensive orientation for all new physicians

  3. Promote ongoing physician engagement to maintain strong organizations

  4. Promote engagement in Quality Improvement and optimize use of EMR

  5. Promote physician health and wellness

Improve Collaboration of Care Delivery among the FHT, FHO and BCFMC

  1. Improve collaboration between FHO and FHT programs

  2. Improve collaboration with IT Department

  3. Improve collaboration between BFMC and physicians and their offices

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