Mindful Eating: Emotional Eating and Food Craving
Management Information Session

We are excited to be able to offer this NEW comprehensive 6-week program to our Family Health Team patients. Sessions are 2-hours in length.  This program was developed and piloted by the Hamilton Family Health Team Registered Dietitians with excellent reviews and results.

We ask that patients are able to commit to the full 6 weeks prior to registering – we understand that something may come up and that you may need to miss a week, but if you know that you will be missing more than one week, it may be best for your overall class experience to register for the next group.

Mindful Eating Goals

  • To help foster a more mindful eating approach while introducing other mindfulness practices for self-care.
  • To teach participants how to listen to and respond to their body’s natural hunger and fullness cues.
  • To improve overall self-care and increase self-compassion.
  • To uncover problematic eating triggers using self-awareness techniques.
  • To teach evidence-based CBT strategies to help change automatic responses to eating triggers thereby reducing emotional eating and assisting in the management of food cravings.
  • To help create a more positive relationship with food.

Who can attend?

Any patient belonging to the Barrie and Community Family Health Team. Patients must be able to attend all 8 sessions in order to register.

Is this program for me?

Click here to see if it’s a good fit for you.

How do I register?

If a referral for you to attend these sessions has already been sent, our administrative staff will contact you shortly. Alternatively, you can register yourself by selecting your preferred date below and clicking Register Now or by calling 705-721-0370 ext. 2907.

There are currently no scheduled sessions. Please check back again or contact us by phone or email.

Class Availability

This class is offered monthly.

Additional Information

Sessions are led by a Registered Dietitian and a Mental Health Therapist. All of our classes are offered free of charge.

Our clinics will be CLOSED Monday, May 20, 2024 for the federal holiday. Regular office hours will resume Tuesday, May 21, 2024.