Nutritional Resources During COVID-19


Simple and Delicious Meal Prep

Safe Grocery Shopping During COVID-19

Healthy Eating Recipes During a Pandemic

Fruits and Veggies During COVID-19

Pantry Handbook

Eating Safely During COVID-19

COVID-19 Information for Consumers

Home Eating Guide During COVID-19

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Anxiety and Food

COVID-19 Melatonin

Quarantine Tips: Grocery  Shopping

How is Food Making Your Feel Today?

How Long Do Coronaviruses Live on Surfaces?

Mental Load of Feeding Your Family During COVID-19

Myths and Facts on COVID-19 – Foods, Supplements and Your Immune System

Risk of COVID-19 For Take-out, Food Delivery & Grocery Shopping

Shopping During COVID-19 – 1 Week of Groceries

COVID-19 and Food Safety

Maintaining a Healthy Diet During Covid-19 Pandemic

Long Lasting Fresh Produce

The COVID-19 Wellness and Coping Toolkit -11 Tips for Healthcare Workers, Patients, and the Public

COVID-19 and the Immunocompromised

Food Safety Guidelines For Grocery Shopping: What You Should Know During The Pandemic – From Registered Dietitians

Grocery Shopping Tips: What To Buy During A Pandemic


Children’s Resources

Click here to access the KIDS – Kids Independently Developing Skills website (Resource from Scotland)

Click here to access tips on how to support children during COVID-19 (Resource from Scotland)


Seniors’ Connection

Click here to view the May Senior Centre Without Walls calendar (do not need to be a Seniors 55+ member)


Home Exercises

For a list of safe home exercises click here.


Foot Care/Chiropody

For tips on how to avoid foot problems click here.