“Make a 100 Meal Journey – Make Small Changes, One Meal at a Time”



This March, Dietitians of Canada is encouraging Canadians to Take a 100 Meal Journey and make small changes to improve their health, one meal at a time.  Canadians consume almost 100 meals each month. Registered Dietitians are available  to inspire you to chose a small change or two that you can implement at meals and snacks this month, and provide real-life strategies to help make those changes last.

It takes daily practice to exchange old habits for new ones. Practicing one habit change over 100 meals gives you time to make a small change more sustainable.

Trying to take on too many changes at once is overwhelming. It’s better to make one simple change that sticks than working on too many goals.

The first step is to “choose your change”. Think about your eating habits. Where can you make a positive change? How can you make it really simple to start?

To help you get ready for your new goal, perform a pantry makeover! Take stock of your cupboards, fridge and freezer.   

Most of us do not over eat because we are hungry – we are influenced by our eating environment. Look around your house, workplace, car or anywhere you might be eating. Are there cues, like candy bowls and cookie jars, that hinder healthy habits?

Finding yourself hungry too soon after eating snacks? You might need to add more fibre- and protein-rich foods. Fibre helps fill you up and protein helps your energy last longer. Together, they deliver snack satisfaction.

Registered Dietitians are always available to help with recipes, cooking ideas, shopping tips and support for the changes that you decide on making in your “100 Meal Journey”.

Dietitians of Canada Nutrition Month 2016

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