Craving Change Information Session

What will I learn during this Information Session?

Craving Change, a nationally-run program, is a 4-week how-to workshop for changing your relationship with food. It focuses on understanding your triggers – WHY you make the food choices you do, and learning HOW to comfort yourself without using food. The session focuses on how to change your thinking so you can change your eating behaviours and will provide you with a ‘toolbox’ of skills that you can apply to challenging eating environments you may encounter..

Who can attend?

Any patient belonging to the Barrie and Community Family Health Team. Patients must be able to attend all four sessions in order to register.

How do I register?

Please call 705-721-0370 x2907 for more information and to register.

Class Availability

Classes are offered monthly.

Additional Information

Sessions are led by a Registered Dietitian and Mental Health Wellness Counselor. All of our classes are covered by OHIP and are free of charge.

Effective immediately, all group sessions/classes are suspended until further notice. If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please call (705) 721-0370 to reschedule your appointment.
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