Nordic Pole Walking Group

Please note that this group session is temporarily on hold.


This 7-week group session engages participants in the activity of Nordic Pole Walking with the goal of teaching proper technique as well as supporting participants in establishing an effective exercise program. The group is led by a Diabetes Educator and meets once a week; it includes a warm up period, a 30-minute walk and cool down time.

What does this session offer?

With two types of poles available for participants, we are able to accommodate 2 diverse activity levels. The first type of pole will support individuals looking to add support and stability or offload pressure from hips and knees during walking. The second type of pole is for individuals looking to increase the intensity of walking without increasing impact — engaging and toning muscles while increasing calorie burn rate.

Who can attend?

Any patient belonging to the Barrie and Community Family Health Team who has Diabetes is welcome to attend this information session.  Individuals that meet this criteria may have a support person (a family member or friend) register for the program as well.

How do I register?

Please contact your Diabetes Educator or the Diabetes Administrative Team at 705-721-0370 ext. 2 for more information.

Class Availability

This session is offered three times a year (spring, summer, fall). Each session is 7 weeks in length.

Additional Information

Class size varies between 5-20 persons, dependent on registration and room size. This class is covered by OHIP.