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Health Links in Action Series of Patient Stories

Health Links from patient stories on Vimeo.

We are now into our third year of Health Links.  The success from a cost savings and systems impact has been significant and provides evidence that continued investment in Health Links needs to be made.  However, perhaps the greatest testimonial for the incredible work that is being done is from patients and their families.

To document this, the Barrie Community Health Links and the Barrie and Community Family Health Team are producing a series of patient story videos entitled “Health Links in Action”. 

Please share the links to these videos.  We need to get this message out into our community to reinforce the importance of the landscape changing work that we are all doing.

Teresa from patient stories on Vimeo.


Gilles from patient stories on Vimeo.


Mohammad from patient stories on Vimeo.


Evelyn from patient stories on Vimeo.



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