Healthy You

What will I learn during this Information Session?

This is a comprehensive 8-week program that focuses on various lifestyle changes to help patients achieve better health.

A strong emphasis is put on the “Health At Every Size” approach. Participants will learn about how nutrition, physical activity, the environment and behaviours affect health and weight. The session is led by a Registered Dietitian and Mental Health Wellness Counselor and certified physical activity specialist.

With completion of this session the participants can expect to develop a greater understanding of:

Patients will finish the session by having a greater understanding of themselves and the factors that contribute to overall health and wellness. Knowledge about proper portion sizes, meal timing and balance, and a skill set to read and understand a Nutrition Facts label. Physical activity that can be done in the home with minimal time and equipment.

Who can attend?

Patients that have been recommended by a Registered Dietitian are welcome to attend. Spouses, partners and support workers are also welcome to attend with the registrant.

How do I register?

Call 705-721-0370 Ext. 2907 for more information.

Class Availability

The dietitian will assess a patients suitability for this program. Space is limited in this group and a patient’s readiness to change is required.

Additional Information

This class is held at Holly Recreation Center. Please check in at the front desk to find out what room the class will be located in. All of our classes are covered by OHIP and are free of charge.

There are currently no scheduled sessions. Please check back again or contact us by phone or email.

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