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Resources From Our Registered Dietitians


25 Healthy Snacks for Kids

40 Healthy Snack Ideas That Won’t Leave You Starving

50 Snacks Under 150 Calories

51 Snacks for Kids

Breakfast Ideas to Get Your Day Started

From Emotional Eating to Emotional Understanding

Healthy Plate

Lunch, Dinner and Snack Ideas

The Hunger Game Worksheet

Tips to Understand and Reduce Emotional Eating

101 Things To Do Besides Eat

A Non-Diet Approach to Health – Nourishing your body to be happy and healthy

The Mediterranean Diet

The 6 Human Needs


Healthy Eating on a Budget

Produce Shelf-Life Guide

Food Budget Handbook

Eating Well On a Budget

Cook Once Eat Twice


Website Resources:

Canada’s Food Guide, including recipes and additional information on healthy eating.-

Unlock Food – Information on various health related issues provided by Registered Dietitians.-

Heart and Stroke Foundation. Healthy Eating Recommendations and Tips for Heart Health and Blood Pressure Support. –

Label Reading Information –

Obesity Canada, focusing on anti-discrimination, prevention, and treatment efforts of obesity across Canada. –

Lots of great recipes available for everyone.-

Canadian Digestive Health Foundation. Lots of information on most topics digestion related. –

Lots of great recipes –

Recipes vary by the time and day of the week – you choose! –

Free online cooking classes from around the world –

Healthy Recipe Videos –

How to Manage IBS –


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90:10 The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Stress

The Gate Keeper, The Go Getter, and The Sleepy Executive

A ReThink of the Way we Drink

How to Create a Healthy Plate

How to Make Healthy Food Changes

6 Tips to Mindful Eating

“Tune in” with Intuitive Eating

 Grocery Shopping Tips: What To Buy During A Pandemic  (Seaway Valley Community Health Centre)

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