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Barrie Family Health Team – Poems

Journal Your 2015 Journey
by Carol Holden

As 2014 closes
Time to leave this chapter behind
For the past is just that
2015 is yours to define

Be the author of your year
Each day a new page
Bring to life your dreams
Take front and center stage

Experience joy & happiness
Celebrate this year’s ‘firsts’
Blessings that make you smile
Weddings, engagements, births

Remember those fondly
From whom you are apart
At school ~ at work ~ or loved ones passed on
Hold them always in your heart

Embrace your failures
Seize every opportunity
Learn from your mistakes
Be all that you can be

Doors will close
Trials will take their effect
Be patient for new doors to open
When you least expect

Rekindle a friendship
Make peace with that ‘someone’
Leave no regrets
When the day is done

Do what you love
Be the one to inspire
Feed your passion
Light your fire

Imagine through hope
Journal this year’s journey
Believe in the power of ‘you’
And the personal successes you are about to see

Christmas Gift Exchange
by Carol Holden

 What do I buy?
For the one I love so
Searching for the perfect gift
Just to let them know

How special they are
And what they mean to me
I want to wrap it up
And place it under the tree

I, as the loved one
Want to exchange
Your presents for your presence
The priority to rearrange

The gift of love & laughter
Favourite foods & fine wine
Family & friends coming together
Sitting down to dine

The gift of spending time
Just to see your smiling face
The healing power of a ‘hug’
To feel your warm embrace

Living in the moment
Listening to your ‘Mozart’
Watching your favourite movie
Feeding your soul & heart

Give the gift of a new memory
A chapter you can write
Forever in your spirit
An infinite candlelight

Merry Christmas to everyone
Spread some joy & cheer
Be thankful for those in our lives
Blessings for the New Year

by Carol Holden

I would like to buy your time
Just to sit and play
Please read another book to me
Why are you working on Saturday?

I would like to buy your time
To gaze at the stars in the sky
For in every adult there is a child
Look at the world from their eyes

I would like to buy your time
Just to sit for tea
Can you take the time to talk?
And focus only on me

I would like to buy your time
Just to share my dreams
To tell you who I want to be
My life is not what it seems

How will you spend your time today?
Don’t let it be a mystery
For when tomorrow comes
Today will then become history

How will you spend your time today?
Feed your passion & dreams
Invest in priceless memories
There is no cost to redeem

How will you spend your time today?
How will you keep track?
Experience the simple pleasures of life
For time you can never get back

How will you spend your time today?
For it will bring everything to an end
Bring your time to life
Change how you will spend

by Carol Holden

Take the time to reflect
This holiday season
Cherish the small blessings
Rejoice the true reason

 Celebrate your faith
The unity of family
The excitement and joy
With little under the tree

The simplicity of traditions
Filled with hope and love
Gifts given from the heart
Blessed by the One above

Provide acts of kindness
Sharing with one another
Discover the gift to be treasured
Giving selflessly to others

Thanks to the earthly angels
For whom the bells ring
Each year at Christmas
In the kindness that they bring

The peace in their hearts
The kindness in their souls
The giving of themselves
Their love as a whole

Find the true meaning
Through your warm embrace
Remember why
Christmas has a special place

by Carol Holden

We envision our community
Working together for your wellness & health
Providing timeliness to appropriate care
No matter your status or wealth

We will focus on chronic disease management
Disease prevention and health promotion redefined
We will ensure you get the right care
At exactly the right time

You will become our partner
Delivery of optimal service we will give
Through our quality & access for you, the patient
A healthy lifestyle you will live

We, the Barrie & Community Family Health Team
Will continue to improve our quality through teamwork & collaboration
Enabling a culture of quality & safety
Enhancing team performance through personal innovation

We will be responsible for managing our resources
Our patients and their families we will get to know
For the team’s successes & victories today
Will empower them for the challenges of tomorrow

We will continually educate our clients
To exceed what the patient expects
In collaboration with our community partners
We have gained ‘delivery of care’ confidence & respect

For we embrace each individual patient
Through the common mission the Family Health Team shares
Working together for health & wellness
Providing exceptional care

A vision that supports a healthy lifestyle
For all to follow a dream
With the patient as the guiding value
Of the Barrie & Community Family Health Team

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