Grocery Store Tour

What will I learn during this Information Session?

A Registered Dietitian will spend 1.5 hours with you in the aisles of the grocery store providing tips and highlighting nutritional ideas for selecting foods that will improve your health.  In each section of the store you will learn about the wise food choices you can make for you and your family. The Registered Dietitian will make you familiar with food labels and teach you how to feed your family within your budget.

Who can attend?

Patients of the Family Health Team and they are encouraged to bring along significant others who are also involved in the grocery shopping.

How do I register?

Currently there are no sessions for Grocery Store Tour scheduled, please check back soon.

Class Availability

Classes run once a month, times vary.

Additional Information

Class size is kept small to allow for easier movement throughout the store and for answering questions.

Check Back Again Soon To Register

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