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Transforming Ontario’s Health Care System

Community Health Links provide coordinated, efficient and effective care to patients with complex needs. Five per cent of patients account for two-thirds of health care costs. These are most often patients with multiple, complex conditions. When the hospital, the family doctor, the long-term care home, community organizations and others work as a team, the patient receives better, more coordinated care. Providers will design a care plan for each patient and work together with patients and their families to ensure they receive the care they need. For the patient it means they will :

  • Have an individualized, coordinated plan
  • Have care providers who ensure the plan is being followed
  • Have support to ensure they are taking the right medications
  • Have a care provider they can call who knows them, is familiar with their situation and can help.

For an example of how a community Health Link can make a difference in a patient’s life, read Bernice’s story.

The Barrie and Community Family Health Team is developing the Barrie Community Health Link MVP – Complex Care Clinic.

The MVP – Complex Care Clinic was created to assist the patient in managing  their chronic health conditions.

The clinic was designed to assist patients in several ways that includes understanding that health care doesn’t just mean taking care of a patient’s medical well-being. To the MVP Clinic and the Barrie & Community Family Health Team health care means understanding and treating patients medically, as well as the factors that impact a patient’s overall health including nutrition, mobility, mental health, finances, and housing stability. Our skilled interdisciplinary health care team will work closely with you to ensure you receive the care and support you deserve.




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